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February 14 2015

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January 30 2015

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Ads and refreshed storefront look

After we put the layout test online in @testkitchen for the last week or so, we're now trying a production test balloon for ads on Soup.
Currently those segments get ads from google (if they actually deliver, which I'm still not sure about): Logged in and logged out on soup.io/everyone, soup.io/friends, soup.io/fof, soup.io/followers and the user.soup.io/post pages for non-logged in visitors.
We're currently not touching other user.soup.io pages. We hope we don't have to, and if we really have to, we'll provide a means for opt-out.
Feedback is - as always - appreciated, and we're listening to it. E.g. people in @testkitchen didn't like the porn ads in NSFW mode, so logged in NSFW mode visitors currently don't get any ads, until we find a solution where the advertisers of non-explicit content are ok with NSFW content ...
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